Interview: Nu:Tone


Interview: Nu:Tone This week sees the release of the next installment of Hospital Recordsâ?? â??Future Sound of Cambridgeâ??, a collaboration between brothers Dan and Matt Gresham, aka Nu:Tone and Logistics, with the Metalheadz duo Commix.
We caught up with Nu:Tone to enquire further into Cambridgeâ??s importance within the drum & bass scene, and what emerging talent we can expect to come.

What is it that sets Cambridge apart from the other big d&b UK hotspots such as London and Bristol?

The major difference is that itâ??s such a small city â?? thereâ??s only 100,000 people here, and that makes for a much tighter little scene.

Where has this wealth of d&b talent risen from?

Weâ??ve all been mates for years, and developed as artists together. Each of us has his own strengths and weaknesses, but by staying tight weâ??ve managed to share our skills.

What new rising Cambridge stars should we be keeping our eyes out for?

Pixl: Gresham brother number three - dangerous!

Spoonfed, your night in Cambridge is now one of the most successful d&b nights in the UK. How did its original conception come about, and did you ever expect this level of success?

We had talked about putting on a night for ages, and even tried it at a smaller venue in Cambridge, but the big catalyst was George Commixâ??s sister starting work at the Fez Club. That got our foot in the door, and weâ??ve just built and built since then.

Tell us more about the unique artwork you incorporate for the events?

The artwork is a collaboration between Dan Nu:Tone and Tim â??Penfoldâ?? â?? Gresham brother number four. Tim draws the illustration every month and Dan finalises the layout and typography. The originality of the illustrations has been a major part in the establishment of the Spoonfed â??brandâ??.

With d&b receiving a revival in popularity and radio airplay, itâ??s almost going through a renaissance. Do you have any opinions on this?

Itâ??s great to hear d&b all over the radio, opening more peoples ears to d&b has to be a good thing.

And finally â?? lets talk about the musicâ??what can we expect from â??Future Sound of Cambridge 3â???

Itâ??s a good representation of where weâ??re all at as artists. Weâ??re all coming off the back of successful albums, and itâ??s been a great opportunity to get together and make some music that really shows where we want to head.