Insomnia - Death Row (CD)


Insomnia - Death Row (CD) For the last 3 years, Tom Shoval and Orel Shapira (aka Insomnia) have been shaping their refined sound and perfecting their production to get their own sound signiture, which has won the hearts and support of leading trance critics such as John 00 Fleming and Domestic.
They joined the HOMmega roster of artists after drawing a serious underground buzz to their unique style of Trance. Their new album offering, Death row, is a true synthesized journey into the depth of psychedelic trance music. The tracks are inspired by true legends such as X-dream, Delta, Simon Posford, Juno Reactor, Xerox and Illumination and Sub6, featuring modern use of techno elements on top of a tight and twisted showcase of power music. It's a madness-driven darkened night-time experience and what a fresh and authentik addition it provides to the global trance scene.

Lock your doors, hide your children - Insomnia are unleashed and no one can sleep!


1. Release the beast 
2. Global War 
3. Plugin the head 
4. The Thing 
5. Rabies 
6. Final Chance 
7. Crisoberil 
8. Original Gangster 
9. World of sounds 
10. E.N.D