Inshizzo - Don't Panic (CD)


Inshizzo - Don't Panic (CD) You will find a new vibration...Inshizzo is a duet of M.M.C. (well-known psytrance producer, ex-member of several famous Russian metal bands) and DJ Brainfilter (co-founder of IDM-Group promo company, first Russian breakcore dj, owner of Acidsamovar label). They are beginners of a new genre in psychedelic music, which was called by artists themselves as 'psycore'. After only few weeks, they found this word successfully used by other people on the net. First Inshizzo album, 'Beyond the Mad Music' became a standard of unusual psychedelic-core. A new album - Don't Panic, comes out on Acidsamovar Records after 2 years of hard work on new sound and 3 releases on vinyl on different labels. Inshizzo sounds like rush a non-stop schizoid mind blowing train - full of energy and express of emotions. Many styles gathered together in an explosive cocktail, that brings you something never heard before - very fast and punching tunes!
This CD is highly recommended to all lovers of hard psy-experiments and fast dark psytrance (specially fans of Osom and Psykovsky), who tired of monotony feel in need of new waves of music.


1. Offroad - (feat. Xaos)2. SkyWalker3. Polycibin4. Trrrr3005. Harepostman6. Kilrathy7. OZM8. We dont know what is it9. Head Of Atoms