Injection - Domino Effect


DNA Records is delighted to present the 4th release album as a label and now it's time for mega star producer Injection's 3rd featured studio album's release 'Domino Effect'.
Eitan Tanami is the man behind this successful project. He has been producing electronic music for the past 12 years. Injection's previous albums, 'Shock Wave' (2004), and 'Choose To Live' (2008), were an immediate hit and his remarkable live act sets, lifting dance floors, lighting hearts and souls have taken him to all corners of the world.

In the past 10 years Eitan been an essential part of the successful DNA (with Zeev Kardonski), which have already released 4 studio albums.

2 years after his second album 'Choose To Live', Eitan is back with a new explosive album titled 'Domino Effect', a shot of pure dance floor music straight out of Injection's needle.

Injection is exactly what the doctor orders for every dance floor illness, injecting pure music to our veins.

Be part of the Domino Effect!


1. Domino Effect - INJECTION 
2. Lost - INJECTION 
3. I can feel it - INJECTION 
4. Impulse - INJECTION 
5. Magical Journey - (Injection rmx)SONIQ VISION 
6. Frozen Dream - INJECTION 
7. Save the planet - INJECTION 
8. Turn on the rhythm - INJECTION 
9. Under my skin - INJECTION