Info - We choose the moon (CD)


Info - We choose the moon (CD) Klik Records in cooperation with Vim Records presented Info's third album titled 'We Choose The Moon'.
Yeap Info chose the moon. There, they made their small disco/karaoke/studio, they sang their memories from earth and they finished their third album. Their singing is leisured, sometimes deep and dark and others sweet and playful, just like space is supposed to be. They experiment with melodic guitars, house beats, electronica sounds and improvisations from processed vocals. The result is an amazing electronic collage of poetry, melody and dynamic rhythmical explosions that peak and fade in their broad, starry time and space. Active musicians and djs, Petros Magganaris (Echonomist) and Panagiotis Loukoumas (Mr. Lookman) a.k.a Info, present the contemporary electronic music with 5 musicians on stage: Despina Terzidou (Vocals), Panagiotis Loukoumas (Guitar), Petros Magganaris (Synth and Loops), Dj Booker (Scratch, turntables), Haris Kapetanakis (Sax) offering a unique electronic and sometimes dance music experience in every live, that combined to their always sweet melancholic aura, their cinematic element and their eroticism leads to something really outstanding. Their music of course has a platform that has it's base in the electronic music, but the tracks hide an always instrumental aspect.


1. Tik Tok 
2. Crush 
3. Beyond 
4. Recall 
5. Ultraviolet 
6. strogguli Diadromi 
7. Aerostato - (Instrumental) 
8. Taxis 2008 
9. Prelude 1 
10. Cinnamon 
11. Do you read me? 
12. We choose the moon13. Prelude 2 
14. Two Roses 
15. Aerostato