Infected Mushroom comes to the Palladium


We've already profiled New Year's Eve in America, but as you might expect we missed a few along the way.

One of the biggest in Los Angeles that we neglected to mention will be taking place at The Hollywood Palladium, which will see Infected Mushroom, Flosstradamus, Hyphy Crunk take to the stage at the venue, which has recently undergone an enormous renovation that reportedly cost $20 million.

The New Year's Eve extravaganza, brought together by Avaland At Large, is set to be among the first in a series of nights held throughout 2009 in Los Angeles that will be held "in venues not typically associated with dance music." No other dates have been set by the company, but we hope that this will be the start of some more excellent, professionally-run nights in a city with an already vibrant nightlife.