Infected Mushroom - Killing Time - The Remixes (CD)


Infected Mushroom - Killing Time - The Remixes (CD) 'Killing Time' was originally recorded for Infected Mushroom's ground breaking 7th studio album 'Legend Of The Black Shawarma' as a song that shows how diverse and suprising Infected Mushroom's writing abilities are, not just high bpm Trance tunes but a downbeat electronic rock balad, the kind that leaves you with goose bumps on your skin.
'Killing Time' features Jane's Addiction/Porno for Pyros frontman and alternative-rock patron saint Perry Farrell that lends his inimitable pipes to the follow-up single 'Recording with Perry was a highlight, of course, ' Duvdev notes. ' he was incredibly cool'. 'The fact that both Jonnathan and Perry liked our songs was awesome because we're huge fans of what they do.'

'Killing Time - The Remixes' took few good months to cook, after all, not every day you get to take a downbeat rock-meet-electronica song with Perry Farrell and blend it to meet the starved international dancefloors. Killing Time EP was created to function as a smart dance bomb, featuring remixes from the creme de-la creme, the maestro himself and the man who suprvised the recordings of the entire album ' Paul Oakenfold contributes his very own dance remix, Astrix, the prince of Trance, kicks in with an uplifting Trance remix, John '00' Fleming takes us underground with his Proggy Trance remix.

If you thought we're over, you're wrong, two more exciting gems, Infected Mushroom's very own Trance remix for Killing Time, the one that they perform with worldwide for the past six months and a genuine video clip of this version that shows the animosity in Infected Mushroom live shows.


1. Kiliing Time - (Paul Oakenfold rmx) 
2. Killing Time - (Astrix rmx) 
3. Killing Time - ( John '00' Fleming rmx) 
4. Killing Time - (Infected Trance rmx) 
5. Killing Time - (Album Mix)6. Video Bonus - (Infected Trance Remix)