Indra - Old Skool


All Records is proud to present Indra's 6th studio album 'Old Skool'.Indra is the musical project of producer Oshri Krispin, officially launched during the millennium year, 2000. Since the execution of his project Indra has released 4 studio albums, numerous amounts of tracks released on an impressive selection of compilations by leading international labels.
His highly innovative approach to full-on trance music has lead him to perform heavily all over the world, from the breathtaking beaches of Mexico, throughout central and south America, to the mountains of Europe, and through the enchanting forests of the land of the rising sun, Japan, you name it Indra has played it.


1. Sequence - INDRA 
2. Yes Man - INDRA 
3. Source of life - INDRA 
4. InfraSonic - INDRA 
5. Fear and Loathing - INDRA 
6. Store N Forward - INDRA 
7. Ansi - (Indra vs Didrapest rmx)LOGIC BOMB 
8. ContraBand - INDRA 
9. Its good again rmx - INDRA