Indra - Make A Stand (CD)


Indra - Make A Stand (CD) Planet B.E.N. Records and Psyshop proudly presents 'Make A Stand' the long awaited fourth and surely the best album of Indra (Israel).

For this album Indra has been developing a unique style of psy trance mixing influences from all over the world into blaster tracks.

'Make A Stand' combines driving, pulsating dance grooves with great catchy melodies. These energetic Mix makes this album surely one of the dance floor and outdoor party highlights this summer, one of these which makes your heart pump and your hands sweat. All tracks are a guarantee of movement and excitement on the dance floor. Inside 'Make A Stand', you will also find a grooving fusion of electronic music and Rock. The exclusive remix of the title 'For The Pepole' from legendary artist Yahel, remixed by Indrapest and Intersys, and the 'We Are Funny' from the original collaboration with Beathackers are extras spices inside.

'Not For Sale', 'It's Good Again' with absolutely beautiful Israeli vocals is the perfect electronic blend inside. Also 'Music' with Perplex with the full power of full on melodies and groove and not at least the low BPM track 'Clavia', are just a few highlights from this fantastic album.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/24

1. Make a stand
2. Its good again
3. Music
4. What love is this
5. We are funny
6. Generation
7. Australia
8. For the people
9. Clavia