Indigo - Indigo (CD)


Indigo - Indigo (CD) Indigo is not just a color, it's a way of lifeNutek records strikes back with this new and impressive release produced by the remarkable brothers Dj Takashi and Dj Isao from Kobe Japan, presenting their innovative project 'Indigo'.
Dj Takashi and Dj Isao, have been playing and active role in Japan's fruitful electronic dance scene, they have performed in pretty much all of the leading festivals and events in Japan, and have collaborated with top international promoters and artists. They are the founders of the well respected Blissdom Productions and are known for their top quality events and exceptional approach for psychedelic trance music. They have taken a part in the vibrant Japanese trance scene since its beginning, always involved and connected with the leader in the field helping to promote and push the music and its producers forward, with much success. In time the Indigo project came to life, allowing them to share and express their inner love and talent and present their own personal musical agenda.

After releasing 2 compilations under their record label 'Blissdom Recordings' which have proven to be a huge success in Japan and all over the globe, Dj Takashi and Dj Isao a.k.a Indigo, present their debut album.

A tight version of old-school beats, combined with Hi-Tec musical approaches, which results in this powerful dance floor oriented release.


1. Colors 
2. Lalala 
3. My Time 
4. Moon Walker 
5. Back to the Disco 
6. Exciting 
7. Longest Love 
8. Moment Of Flow 
9. Field Of Memories