Impact - Almost Everything EP


An important part of life is taking everything in the right proportion.But what exactly is the right proportion? How do we know we have a balanced perception of each aspect of our life? In reality there is probably not one answer to these questions, but perhaps we should accept the fact that part of reaching some sort of balance is realizing there is no such thing as the perfect proportion. Maybe if we understand that perfection does not exist, we embrace that having Almost Everything is also great.
In order to absorb this message we summoned an Impact, aka Andrey Panow, who will help us reach this state of mind. Panow received his scope of musical proportion while playing the lead guitar at various metal bands. Along the way he composed the entire band member's material and inhaled the variety of musical opportunities available.

To receive the proper Impact there was a need for a guiding mantra - Freedom on the Earth, which will ignite the complex concept that will spread on planet earth. After the process has begun, it was clear that the transfer of the musical grooveness was successful. However, it was Almost Everything, because no operation such as this reveals all the weapon at once. Therefore, a joint venture with Space Hypnose was formed to create the extravaganza finale along with The Sound of Thunder.


1. Almost Everything - IMPACT
- - - - - - - - 2. Freedom on earth - IMPACT
- - - - - - - - 3. The sound of thunder - IMPACT VS SPACE HYPNOSE
- - - - - - - - -