Ilai - End Of Time


24/7 Media is ready for another great release of the upcoming psytrance artist Ilai Salvato aka 'Ilai' from Italy.
After the success in 2010 with his EP 'Impulse' and various other single releases, Ilai is now ready to present his first full lenght album 'End of Time' on 24/7 Records.

With remixes of artists like Materia, Mental Broadcast and M-Theory, 'End of Time' will be a great collection of mindshuffling voyages. Prepare yourself for an album full of phat basses, embracing grooves und psychedelic melodies that will transport your dancing soul to all end of time. This album is Ilai's second step into the world of big psytrance producers. Already confirmed for many bookings at festivals in Switzerland, Germany and Chile, Ilai will soon rock the dancefloors around the globe.


1. Chillomatic 
2. Virus Theory 
3. Mental Universe - (rmx) 
4. Bubble Double 
5. Inside - (rmx) 
6. Last Vision 
7. Pampero 
8. Earth Dance - (rmx) 
9. End of Time