I-Drop - You Move (CD)


This is the second studio album created by Dooflex wizard of sound Dima Gafner a.k.a I-Drop.For the last year I-Drop has been casting dust storms party after party, perfecting the sounds and beats that have finally materialized to this anticipated album. A futuristic fairytale full of digital magic and stormy beat battles that will take you on a journey to the future of psychedelic trance.
This album was crafted bit by beat into an alternative fusion psytrance experience full of trippy style crossovers. The sounds of I-Drop penetrate the soul and rock the body like a shamanic spell. At times he is warm and sexy like lying on a sunny beach, but throw him on the dancefloor through a set of massive speakers and you are swept by an angry storm of punchy kicks and funky bass.

Dooflex strikes again with another scene shaping release and it's time You Move.


1. Good Trips - I-DROP 
2. IK47 - I-DROP 
3. Another World - I-DROP 
4. Blur - (NitroDrop)I-DROP 
5. Chicks on scooters - I-DROP 
6. Lucie - I-DROP 
7. Global warming is fake - I-DROP 
8. Every Atom - I-DROP 
9. On the Vsix - I-DROP 
10. Deep Breath - (I-Drop rmx)NITRO

Source: www.psyshop.com