HypoGeo - Tree Of Lies


HypoGeo is Nicola Grigatti from Italy.His debut album contains a deep industrial vibe, but is also cerebal and hypnotic, like real trance should be.
His sound clearly draws upon his EBM/Industrial roots yet fuses it with crunchy percussion, massive atmospheres, futuristic sound fx and deep basslines to make something truly unique.


1. Micro Drama - HYPOGEO2. Walking on a frozen lake - (Feat. Nomolos)HYPOGEO3. Plyomatik - HYPOGEO4. The lamb of dog - HYPOGEO5. Cluster Fuck - (HypoGeo rmx)SENSIENT6. Zucon 37 - HYPOGEO7. Trip to Ixtlan - HYPOGEO8. Macro Drama - HYPOGEO

Source: www.psyshop.com