Hujaboy - The Seed


Nir Shoshani in this album went back to the early sounds of Goa Trance and imagined what the music would have sounded like if made in that moment but with the new technology. A look at how the music could have sounded or developed. This is the Future Sound of Goa.
This is the time to let the main juice flow and let the music do the work as you sit there like a simmering stew while your brain takes over and numbs the mind into another dimension of alien activity, abduction of the senses. This is serious stuff for serious dancers and trancers, deepas a well, high as a kite, the real meal.

The evolution of trancehas just moved forward.The Seed has been planted.


1. Transported - HUJABOY2. Digital Cobra - HUJABOY3. The Seed - HUJABOY4. Wormhole - HUJABOY5. The Flower - HUJABOY6. One - (Hujaboy rmx)ASTRAL PROJECTION7. Clouds over Goa - HUJABOY8. Mid and East - FREEZE AND HUJABOY9. Once upon a trip - HUJABOY