Hujaboy - Cut The Power (CD)


Hujaboy - Cut The Power (CD) This is Hujaboys new album and it demonstrates how he is a step ahead of his rivals with his unique sound of cutting edge, direct, psy tech trance with strong grooves and no fluff. Serious psychedelic music for the mature audience who know where its at...Get Hip to the Huja sound!

Supported by John Fleming, Raja Ram, Paul Taylor, GMS and many others with reviews expected in DJ, Loud, Mushroom, etc...

Posts in all the Psy Trance forums where he has a big following as he is favored by the serious psy fans who spend time on the forums. Lot's of positive posts, (more than some of the other Tip big guns)... are sure to be read.

With a busy gig schedule and planned tours across Europe, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and Japan, Cut The Power is set to take the world by storm in the unique Hujaboy way.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jun. 2009/24

1. Where To? 2. Digitazaurus Trax 3. Little Bang 4. Cut the power 5. MK Ultra 6. In this world 7. Wonder Sack 8. Love in limbo 9. Supreme Beings 10. Eat the future -