Hipnotix - Side Effect (CD)


Hipnotix are the two brothers Adam and Yaki Belo, coming to you straight from Tel Aviv, Israel.The Belo brothers began their musical journey as DJ's hitting the deck for the past decade in Israel and worldwide. In 2003 they began producing original music as Hipnotix, under massive influence from progressive electro rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Xerox and Illumination and X-Dream.
Their hypnotic sound brings unique style that can be described as melodic full-on trance bland with psychedelic atmosphere melted in to powerful groove. Hipnotix style is supported by well known psy-trance dj's like Xerox and Illumination, Eyal Yankovich, Chakra and many more.

Are warming their engines for 2010, stay alert!


1. Intro2. Side Effect3. Epsilon4. Under the sun5. Sun Burn - (Hipnotix rmx)6. Roca Loka7. Safe Mode8. Mega Machines9. Poison and Integrity10. Prestige - (With Numb)

Source: www.psyshop.com