Hi Profile - When Feelings Become Notes


Phoenix Groove is proud to release the second full-length imprint of Hi Profile.Hi Profile dives impatiently into a maelstrom of synths and leads, beats and tricks sometimes clean and solid, others with a more mind manipulative style.
Armed with his club skills this 9-length journey combines past years influences, shunting pad work, enchanting melodies that chained so stylish with the fatness of the baseline. Standing solid in the mood of the day with fresh and diverse ideas but with some hidden old fashion snippets underneath, Hi Profile knows what club sound is all about. His booming keyboard stabs are emerging every now and then, just to make sure that this is his trademark. Filled with atmospheric environment on each track and some clever used vocal snatches this is an album that gives it all.

If you are looking for some constant beat to beat flat action this is not for you. But if you want to discover something deeply heart rooted and lovely balanced sound then this is unquestionably for you.

Search no more, Hi Profiles imprint is here and rocking!


1. Believe - HI PROFILE 
3. Strange Personality - HI PROFILE 
4. Mega pop kit - (Hi Pofile rmx)AEROSPACE 
5. Dream City - HI PROFILE 
6. The Song - HI PROFILE 
7. Imagine the light - HI PROFILE 
8. Love in Stereo - (Hi Profile rmx)LIQUID SOUL 
9. Neverending - HI PROFILE

Source: www.psyshop.com