Hi Profile - Plugged (CD)


The long awaited Hi Profile's debut album. Soon available at Psyshop.comWhen it comes for astonishing newcomers Phoenix Groove Records knows the game good. We are proud to introduce you our second release and we can't think any other better way than Hi Profile's debut album.
Our 9 track journey from the most poetic, warm pads and synth mellows through the fattest kicks and bass lines that will rock your mind. Keeping the old school foundation and building upon them, Hi Profile manage to create a dynamic not to compare combining sub-driven passages with clever techniques and arrangements.

Diving track by track to a more emotional and euphoric approach with a distinguished and alluring way that makes you want to stuck the repeat button. From the memorable gorgeous break of 'Become the sky', the rising synth manifesto of 'In Progress', to the hidden electro influenced parts of 'Unique' we can say only that this is a full length work. Pushing further his skills Hi Profile seems that took his time on this one. Gently creates a hybrid of beats n pieces that in the end all come to a fine conclusion. Another main factor that drove him into this attempt is to take a leap forward from all the recycling ideas that's been around for so long.

He present a slightly different dish with a range of ideas that refresh and rebuild the set of music from scratch. We feel more confident that this is what you get. Make sure you grab on into this. Follow our new attempt and plant our ideas well into your ears. When you hear this our feelings become notes...


1. The Truth 
2. Run 
3. Virtual Guitar 
4. People 
5. Err or Herr 
6. Unique 
7. In Progress 
8. Thank God 4 Music 
9. Become the Sky

Source: www.psyshop.com