Helber Gun - From Another Planet EP


Every few years the human race faces another apocalyptic prophecy.But perhaps the most disturbing one is the one we are approaching at the moment, the year 2012.
Prophecies like these raise the inner fears we have from the unknown, from a different being, From Another Planet. However, there is also a good aspect behind all this, we learnto appreciate life, the time we have left and most importantly, amazing music From Another Planet.

In order to import us earthlings this extraterrestrial music, we summoned Helber Gun, aka Jesse Cabrera (Blue Grow) and Ramon Macias (Zonka), who are experts in delivering long distance groovy music. Cabrera and Macias have separately started to create music around the last apocalyptic prophecy, the year 2000, and gathered the proper tools and machinery to be prepared for the upcoming doomsday. At the end of 2010 they joined forces to create the secret weapon that our planet needed, the name code most of you know is Helber Gun.

The current policy from the secret agencies was to release a sign to the people that there is someone who will save us From Another Planet, thus Helber Gun knew, it was time to reveal a small fraction of their abilities. Equipped with top gear, and months of practice, they have released their latest creation, which was disguised with powerful tunes that will camouflage their radioactive potential. Another well-known technique is reshaping Angel Eyes, so when people would hear the new variation from the original Flegma and Nerso, aka Dalibor Delic and Dragan Matic, they would feel the proper grooviness which will shield them from harm. Then, they will use a different method, Land of 2 Suns, which is a revival of Aqualize's, aka Vladislav Koumpatidis and Koinis Anastasios, extremely lethal invention.


1. From another planet - HELBER GUN
- - - - - - - - 2. Angel Eyes - (Helber Gun rmx)FLEGMA AND NERSO
- - - - - - - - 3. Land of 2 suns - (Helber Gun rmx)AQUALIZE
- - - - - - - - -

Source: www.psyshop.com