Hedonix - Order Out Of Chaos (CD)


Hedonix - Order Out Of Chaos (CD) Electric power pole records proudly presents 'Order out of Chaos' the debut album of Australian based duo Hedonix. Robert Dilley and Steven Zanuttini started the Hedonix project in 2001 with the intention of bringing a unique flavour to the world of psychedelic trance.

Their highly original sound and versatility has seen them released on various record labels specialising in a diverse range of music such as electric power pole, Cosmic Conspiracy and Vertigo, and has also landed them bookings for live performances all over Australia, Japan and Europe.

The themes for the album include discordianism, duality, chaos theory and esoteric/occult teachings. The work is also heavily influenced by the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, to whom the album is dedicated.

These concepts are weaved into a constantly evolving tapestry of hypnotic rhythms, groovy bass lines, inspiring melodies, twisted textures and sound effects.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Aug. 2009/32

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