HallucinogenicHorses - The Golden Years, The Best Off


Neigh Neigh... We are proud to announce the long awaited album of Hallucinogenic Horses!An album that stretches across five years in the making.
The Horses will take you on a journey through beautiful landscapes, coloured forests and mysterious spaces in between. Psycho-surfing on endless mindscapes and knirkmalirkin' their way through the sessions at the racetrack, leaving every tune with it's own journey. In the stable you will find breeds like: Derango, MakadaM, Traskel, Uggla, Donkey Shot, Drone Bixie, Megalopsy and Purosurpo. All of them were handpicked from the magic meadows on planet 'Ubrahk', at the psychoactive ranch...

Oh, and do bear in mind that it's highly possible you'll start making weird horsey noises after this journey!

All tracks made in trance between 2005 and 2010


1. Darn Nebula 
2. Dropsession 
3. Sea Biscuit 
4. Zwilight Tone 
5. Betsel Boogie 
6. Strul-Ultra 
7. My little pony 
8. Creation Takeover 
9. Un Grande Chivale 
10. The Philosopher's Stoned

Source: www.psyshop.com