Haldolium - Repainted classics in new colours (CD)


Haldolium - Repainted classics in new colours (CD) Haldolium Classics Remake 2010It's been quiet around Haldolium lately. But it now turns out that it has been the quiet that a good wine needs to mature properly. Not that the style of Mario Reinsch and Mark Lorenzen from Hamburg has not been mature enough until now, just the opposite. They proved to be remarkable original and technically skilled already 10 years ago so that their productions from back then are considered to be beyond the important precursors of Progressive Trance today.
Now they picked exactly those tracks which marked turning points in the musical development of the scene at the beginning of the 21st century and repainted it. As a result of long-year, intense scene observation and active shaping of contemporary Trance sound, the available album combines modern elegance and recent production standards with that hypnotically deep and unmistakable groany style which Haldolium became loved for so much. So on the one hand the 9 tracks on this release are classics, on the other they are up-to-date as they can be.


1. Be Real - (Remake 2010) 
2. Diabolika - (Remake 2010) 
3. The Peal - (Remake 2010) 
4. 2nd Movement - (Remake 2010) 
5. Protek - (Remake 2010) 
6. Plusminus - (Remake 2010) 
7. E.B.M. - (Remake 2010) 
8. One of these days - (Remake 2010) 
9. Le ciel este triste - (Remake 2010)

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