Haldolium - GLW / DRK


For the production of the new Haldolium album, Mario Reinsch drew on the advantages of the early bird, most part of this work was created in the early morning hours between 5 and 8 o'clock, but also on his current professional qualifications.
He programmed an own software synthesizer for GLW/DRK, which cryptic name is easily pronounced Glow In The Dark. This synthie combines the analogue sound of the Roland JP-8000, the typical Haldolium instrument, with innovative, new studio technologies. The effect can be heard very clear.

Upon the unmistakable organic groove of rolling and grinding bass lines and between unobtrusive but twisted percussions there are epic and emotional arrangements whose timbres clearly differ from the legendary Haldolium classics, but also take up their character in a fascinating way and evolve new forms of sound.

With its deep and mystic atmosphere the new album delivers the perfect soundtrack for sunrise or sunset scenarios.


1. Glow 
2. Out in the woods 
3. Ce-Ras 
4. Alice Dream - (Haldolium rmx) 
5. Photographic 
6. Ridge A 
7. End of a government 
8. In life, we have 
9. Moral Convictions 
10. No-World

Source: www.psyshop.com