Green Nuns On Ice - The Pan Electric Variations (CD)


Green Nuns On Ice - The Pan Electric Variations (CD) The Green Nuns Of The Revolution!The Underground psychedelic trance mavericks from England who caused joyous havoc at many an international parties in the late 90's are experiencing a resurgence of interest for which they have changed their socks.
Dick Trevor ancd Matt Coldrck formed the Nuns in '94 and were joined by Neil Cowley in '96 to complete the album 'Rock Bitch Mafia' for Flying Rhino records. They released several Ep's and squandered all they made.

The Pan Electric variations take their music into atmospheric chilldom and have a highly cinematic vibe. Due for release early 2010 and sure to be available at most leading stables.

Pan Electric is the umbrella artists name for Matt Coldrick - the name comes form Pan meaning many and also the god of music love and beats 'Pan' - and 'electric' because he's wired!


1. International Trance Dance Finals2. Bing Bang Boing3. Still Fluffy4. The British Are ?Avin A Laugh5. Trance Dance 26. Endless Love7. Embers Album Mix8. Tribal Nunions9. Alhambra10. Ok Space Cadets