Goth Trad tours Australia


Tokyo's chief dubstepper Goth-Trad is set for a national Australian tour, one year after his 2008 Australian debut.
Widely regarded as Japan's premier dubstep talent, production veteran Takeaki Maruyama has spent the last ten years experimenting with techno, jungle and drum & bass, and is currently running the monthly dubstep and grime night, Back To Chill in Tokyo. With his ever-growing international reputation, thanks to releases on Deep Medi Music, Scud Records and Soul Jazz, Goth-Trad is rapidly becoming recognised internationallt, embarking on frequent European and UK touring. Interestingly and unusually for a dubstep artist, he'll be performing live in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. We caught up with Takeaki via e-mail to talk about Back To Chill, playing at DMZ, and his current favourite tracks.Welcome back to Australia. You were out here almost exactly a year ago, appearing in Sydney for what many have described as an "unforgettable" show. What has changed since then?

Through this one year, I played many gigs, and met a lot of people in each city. I experienced a lot, not only in [my] musical side, but also in my private life. Iâ??m always trying to put which I felt through in my life on my music. Iâ??m not going to produce similar tunes. Always try to write something different. I will show some deeper stuff.

You launched Japanâ??s first dubstep night back in 2006, in the midst of heavy UK and European touring. Has being involved with Back To Chill given you any extra insight into the dubstep community?

Back To Chill had been started before the UK/European touring in 2006. I just wanted to extend this music culture, which is very pure. I thought if I copied UK dubstep style, people will not follow my party. So, after the touring, I picked some good points up from each of the parties, and I fed back to Back To Chill. I often tell local DJs about the scenes in the world, that Iâ??ve seen through my experiences. I also talk about production, DJing, etc. Now, young producers are coming to this scene. Some of the young people came to London for DMZ 4th anniversary. It was big pleasure!

Over the years, youâ??ve been invited to play at some of the worldâ??s most highly regarded dubstep parties. How are you seeing the genre being taken forward?

For me, "dubstep" is just a word, like "genre." Listeners/producers come into dubstep from other genres â?? they are looking for something new. [Naturally] It will encompass other genres. â??Dubstepâ? is just word, but it would be very important word in music culture. The scene is still growing up in the world.