Goasia - Dancing With The Blue Spirit


Yeah, we all know those two Goa minds from southern part of Europe but its good to say that Goasia project exist since year 2000.
Definition of the album can be described as a fusion of the morning, sometimes melancholic sound and cheerful forest environment.

Of course, all spiced with the energetic, cosmic and ethnic melodies. Return to the good old spirit of beautiful Goa Trance music in a totally new form of high-quality production, many consumers will notice on this album.

Open your ears and read about the Blue Spirit!


1. Black Kahva2. How deep is your trip3. Dancing with the blue spirit4. Avatar5. Ethnic City6. Visitors7. Sabotage8. Terra Incognita9. Transonic Fields10. Reach new land

Source: www.psyshop.com