Goalien - Psychedelic Dilemma


Sita Records strikes back with Psychedelic Dilemma the long awaited debut album by Boris Huskic aka Goalien!
Finally, after years of succesful live acts and outstanding releases on labels such as Ezel Ebed, Phototropic and Old Is Gold, Goalien designed 8 anthemic tracks ready to blow your socks off! From Asteroidal Dust to Origin Of Life, you're about to experience the undiscovered treasures of ancient Egypt, while the next moment you'll be skyrocketting into deep space, driven by thundering basslines and endless clusters of pounding laserkicks.

Stuffed to maximum capacity with brilliant melodies, blasting psychedelic power and overwhelming energy, Psychedelic Dilemma definetely is a milestone in the young history of Nitzhogoa. Don't miss out on this masterpiece and get your copy today!


1. Asteroidal Dust2. Do it now3. Hallucinating - (feat. Agneton)4. Evolution of mutation5. Inner Mind6. Psychedelic Dilemma7. Aggressor8. Tragic Kingdom9. Origin of life

Source: www.psyshop.com