Goa Gil - Shri Maharaj


Compiled by Goa Gil.The biggest human gathering on earth, The Kumbh Mela, takes place every 12 years in Haridwar, India. The most recent one held there in 2010 had a very significant meaning for us, because at that point Goa Gil had been officially granted the honorable title of 'Antarashtriya Mandal ka Shri Mahant' by the Council of Elders or the 'Shri Panch' of the Juna Akara. The ceremony took place at the presence of numerous Shri Mahants, Mahatmas, Babas and guests. This officially makes Goa Gil the world's one and only DJ with that title! The new album is naturally named 'Shri Maharaj', and is one of Goa Gil's most important albums.
In Shri Maharaj, Goa Gil exposes himself like never before, sharing his most private and intimate spiritual life. No doubt it's his most electrifying and groundbreaking album to date. Not only does the album break all boundaries of sound and concept known today, Goa Gil pushes the music to the limit, and is even more daring than ever. We are absolutly sure that, like 'Kali Yuga', this album is going to be another milestone in psychedelic trance.

Goa Gil is one of the most influential DJs in the world today. For many years has been known as the standard bearer of the psychedelic Goa trance scene, and is also known for his sets that are a source of not only inspiration for others, but also indication for what is the current, most cutting edge dark psy music aroundIt is no coincidence that this album comes out at this time. It will surely give a strong push to the big dark music wave that is happening now, and it coincides with his world tour which is taking place at this time.

Shri Maharaj raises the inevitable question: 'Where do we goa from here..?'


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