Goa Gil - Kali Yuga (CD)


Goa Gil - Kali Yuga (CD) Compiled and mixed by Goa Gil. As the years go by, it is obvious that for Goa Gil, the only way is up

Grab on to something! A 10 in the Richter Scale earth quake is about to take place.. The maestro strikes again! Kali Yuga is here! After everything has been said about Goa Gil, after we thought we heard it all, he does it again with his astonishing new mix Kali Yuga.

At the top of his carrier Goa Gil manages with Kali Yuga to cross the peak of Worldbridger'. Ten tracks made it to the album and are connected by the outstanding ecstatic mix, the Goa Gil way. Intensive work was invested on this album, beginning in The States, and additional work in Mexico City, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

Kali Yuga is a special event, not only because it's Goa Gil's 10th album. With Kali Yuga, he not only redefines the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century, he manages to redefine the perception of his own musical style in a way second to none..

We all fear Kali is here!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/30

1. Om MahaKali - GOA GIL 2. Tierra de Shamanes - XIKWRI NEYRRA 3. Overprocess - NOISE GUST 4. Crucial Night - FATAL DISCORD 5. End of machine age - FAR EAST GHOST 6. Evil no see - KHAOS SEKTOR VS K. LAPSO 7. A visit to eternity - ENICHKIN 8. Kali does the dance - THE NOMMOS 9. Something Special - FURIOUS 10. Mor 1 - KASHYYYK 11. Bhavatarini - ZIGURAT ON QUANTUM MECHANICA 12. Important Magic - ALDOUS HUXLEY -

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