Ghreg On Earth - T 3 (CD)


Ghreg On Earth - T 3 (CD) Spanning broken beat tendencies and ambient interluedes T3 is perfectly suited for both home listening as well as for spaced dancefloor mayhem.
Electronic Music producer, Ghreg on Earth, from San Francisco, California, is no stranger to fans of unique, cutting edge psychedelic trance music. His debut album 'Sigilweaver' was released in 2005 and since then he has released a plethora of tracks on various compilations from around the world.

His second album T3 is a concept album consisting of eight cinematic tracks exploring the connection between consciousness and fictional geographies.


1. The lost coast 
2. Tea time at loneliness chasm 
3. All paths pronoia 
4. Subterranean Bliss 
5. Permutation City6. Diabolical Topologies7. Time Body Mechanics8. SuperLucid Trajectory9. Neverware?10. Apex Stellarium 888