Gaudi - No Prisoners (CD)


Gaudi - No Prisoners (CD) The brand new Dub and Breaks record featuring Michael Franti and Dr. IsraelLondon based producer and solo artist Gaudi's latest project 'No Prisoners' comes to us after a very fertile year in which the renowned artist toured the world, rocking dance floors and gathering fans with his unconventional innovative performance style and irresistibly floor friendly tunes.
In his albums to date, Gaudi has worked to create his own synthesis of dub, electronica and world music in a mostly ambient, textured style. 'No Prisoners' takes a decidedly more aggressive, 'bass-centric' approach. Its primary energy comes from breakbeat influences, underpinned with fat basslines and subtle live world instrumentation such as Oud, Hang Drum and tribal percussion. The performances of many fine musicians on the album bring a human touch to the proceedings with live bass, guitars, percussion, melodica, highland bagpipes and piano mixing with Gaudi's beloved analogue equipment - vintage synthesizers, tape echoes and moog.

The results give 'No Prisoners' the warmth and authenticity of sound which has become synonymous with Gaudi's music.

A fascinating selection of featured guests add their international appeal and individual flavors to the this project, among them, California's conscious political lyricist and founder of Spearhead, Michael Franti, who brings his emotive voice to the track, 'There's Enough' and long established Brooklyn based reggae artist Dr. Israel, who features on 'No Time'.

In addition, multi-million selling Italian artist, singer-songwriter Elisa brings a feminine edge to 'Brainwashed Again' and Jamaican Reggae vocalist Kenny Knots goes deep, on the ecclesiastical 'Strictly Goodness'.

'No Prisoners', as the title suggests, is a project made without concessions, each track uncompromising in the delivery of its sonic payload. It is a fresh and versatile album, destined to become a classic in the annals of 'bass-driven' music.


1. Bad Boy Bass 
2. There's Enough 
3. Serious Ting 
4. Back to Baia 
5. Oud we think we are? 
6. No Time 
7. Barracudub 
8. Hotel Caledonia 
9. Strictly Goodness 
10. Brainwashed Again 
11. No more blood