Gataka - Music is my blood (CD)


Gataka - Music is my blood (CD) What makes you tick?, What makes you move?, What makes you smileNoga records is overwhelmed to present its newest musical submission to planet earth, Gataka 'Music is my blood'. Gataka is Matan Kadosh, he is considered as one of the most active and influential electronic music producers roaming planet earth.
Aside from mastering this infinite project, Matan is also part of the amazing trio ' Sesto Sento, and also collaborates with other international phenomenon Perplex, under the stage name GataPlex.

Music is my blood is the newest released from the Gataka studio and what a wonder it is 9 previously unreleased bomb which have already been test successfully on dance floors all over the globe.

This remarkable release includes 5 collaboration tracks, with Sesto Sento, Apocalypse, Aquatica, Most Wanted, and Counterpoint. The album's 2 opening tracks include guitar work by Israel's leading guitar player, Dror Elkayam, who also joins Gataka on his tours around the globe. Music is my blood is another upgrade in which we come accustom to with regards to Gataka, which always keeps on pushing forward with wide apparent success


1. Get out of my head - (vs Apocalypce) 
2. Super classico - (Guitar by Dror Elkayam) 
3. Music is my blood - (vocals by Intersys) 
4. Spiritual level - (vs Aquatica) 
5. Keeping the moment - (vs Sesto Sento) 
6. Desert wind - (Guitar by Dror Elkayam) 
7. Life as we know it 2009 
8. Deeper in - (vs Most Wanted) 
9. Chill Bill - (vs Counterpoint)