Gameboy - Extra Life EP


Already as a wee nipper Stefan has been blessed with an enormous creative power.However, as soon as little Stefan had received his Gameboy he had been occupied for the next couple of years. Eating and peeing were hardly to be fit into his busy schedule of missions of utmost importance such as pushing buttons in order to save the princess.
Inspired by Zelda, Tetris and Princesses in distress 'Gameboy' creates playful sounds that chase dancers through the darkest dungeons only to let them jump from cloud to cloud right afterwards. Skilful he creates the most powerful atmospheres, plays with dark and bright elements, like Yin and Yang, which always lets him throw his punters a curve.

Over the last two years, Gameboy has been conquering European Psy-Castles, armed with Synthie and Laptop ' easily recognised by pixel-dominated subjects on his T-shirts. On the 'Fusion Festival' in Berlin he hit his biggest Level-Up so far where he wowed 3000 enthusiastic Space Invaders. In the meantime, now collaborating with Amplidudes Records, he has become the busiest Psy-DJ in Switzerland. The always growing repertoire of Gameboy does not only include Fullon, but MinimalTec and Progi.'


1. YamYam - (Gameboy rmx)SLACKJOINT
- - - - - - - - 2. Electronic Keynius - GAMEBOY, FREAKULIZER
- - - - - - - - -