Galaxy - Everlasting Tone (CD)


After nearly 6 years of silence, the new Galaxy Album is ready.Galaxy is the chillout and downtempo project of Boris Blenn, the German composer behind psy-trance project Electric Universe. With his fourth Galaxy album he produced an absolute brilliant album, an ambient music milestone, a true chillout classic. This album is a goldmine and has the potential of becoming one of your most favorite albums ever!
It's a splendid, richly-textured, fascinating melodic excursion where classic ambient landscapes are enriched with absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing melodies. Think of it a kind a slow-mo space ambient for armchair traveling... an incredible, deeply impressive acoustic journey that's worth taking many times over.

This album is definitely a true chillout classic... a big star on ambient sky!

The previous album 'Science of Ecstasy' on Chillcode Music made number 1 on the Deutsche Chillout Chart within weeks of release and remained on top for three months.


1. Everlasting Tone 
2. Introspection 
3. Where the elements meet 
4. Including This 
5. Flight of the phoenix 
6. Subharmonic 
7. Toksin 
8. Insine 
9. Walking on clouds 
10. Highlight Diver 
11. Wavemode