Fusi and Johnson - Just Do It


Iboga Records presents the debut album by the German duo Fusi and Johnson.Behind the name we find experienced personalities Thomas Johanshon, well known as DJ Mapusa, and Fabio Fusco, well known as DJ Fabio. Both DJ's have in many years been influential in Germany as well as on a global scale, with their fantastic progressive sets. Serving thrills to thousands of fans all over the world. Now they are finally ready with their first full-length album as Fusi and Johnson.
'Just do it' showcases their interpretation of progressive house and techno with roots in their own typical and well-known Hamburg sound.

A very dance floor friendly and uplifting sound with funky grooves and melodies, carved in with a skilled and talented production, making sure no one leaves without a smile on the face and a wonderful experience richer!


1. Just do it - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
2. Danisch People - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
3. Tom Touch - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
4. Whats the problem - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
5. That Place - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
6. Only those who believe - (Fusi and Johnson rmx)CARBON 
7. Free your mind - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
8. 25 Dollars - FUSI AND JOHNSON 
9. Dirty Piano - FUSI AND JOHNSON

Source: www.psyshop.com