Fungus Funk - Kremlin Gremlin


The mighty psychedelic warrior from Russia, Fungus Funk is back with his new album 'Kremlin Gremlin' releasing it on his own label Unlimited Music.
Despite his moves towards a more full on morning sound during last couple of years, he still knows how to make proper hard-boiled mind tweaking body rocking psychedelic trance and this album proves it.

If you were a fan of Fungus Funk's full power psy sound, well this is what you have been waiting for. If this name is new to you, this CD is definitely the best way to get blown away for the first time with his modern tracks. This album also includes exciting collaboration and remixes featuring such names like Psykovsky and Artifakt as well as updated versions of his older hit tracks like Microcosmos.

No doubt that this CD will blast dance floors during next years so be fast to get your copy.


1. Kremlin Gremlin - (Album Edit)FUNGUS FUNK 
2. Lord 'Nord' - FUNGUS FUNK 
3. Dark Passenger - FUNGUS FUNK 
4. Retch - (Fungus Funk rmx)ARTIFAKT 
5. Bad Robot - FUNGUS FUNK 
7. Mind Tetris - FUNGUS FUNK 
8. Power On - FUNGUS FUNK 
9. My Lasergun - FUNGUS FUNK 
10. Microcosmos - (2012 Rmx/Album Edit)FUNGUS FUNK