Full Face - In Every Place (CD)


Full Face - In Every Place (CD) Enjoy this highly aware peace of trance.Pixan recordings is back again and this time with the debut album of one of house favourite delights.
Doros Grigoroupoulos aka Full Face started as a bass player in a hardcore punk band and also comes from a stong social activist background. This resulted in very mature concept of making music, dark and powerfull but with a very deep attention on the musical conposition and the content of the voice samples and atmospheres.

Dedicated to all those who think that psy-trance is not anymore a movement.


1. 70 Days2. Same Place3. The love boat of Kanchanaburi4. Ypnakos5. P.P 124 vs 1776. Kif Kif7. Die for your country8. Livadaki9. Psylassie - (vs T.A.O.R.)10. Stand Firm - (Ay Carmela rmx)

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