Frost Raven - Far Away From Home


Onvimoon Records is proud to present the 4th album from one of the most talented producers ever to come from the USA.
San Francisco based producer, Frost Raven, is the solo project of Dustin Musser. His attention to detail in his production makes him stand out amidst the sea of mediocrity. A background of post-production sound, an ear for setting moods, and a desire not to stay locked into one genre, makes Frost Raven unique.

His music is sometimes described as magical, mysterious, and full of danger. A huge outdoor three-day festival, an intimate renegade party, or a fancy nightclub. It doesn't matter, he'll take care of the dance-floor.


1. Starfire 
2. Asteroid Escape 
3. Hyperspace 
4. Flare Star 
5. Cosmic Radiation 
6. Celestial Queen 
7. Galaxy 
8. Mars Getaway 
9. Far away from home