Frogacult - Sky Rocketeers


We are proud to present the release of Frogacult's 2nd album.Mikkel Calum and David Henriksen have been working seriously in the studio with their album 'Sky Rocketeers'.
They're fullfilling every need if you are into deep, groovy progressive psy trance. Their well chosen samples and sense for atmosphere is with this release the summit of this cold winter. We also have a new member in the spaceship, David Henriksen. His skills really suit the old Frogacult style perfectly and he's also bringing new influences from other genres such as deep house, tech and minimal. These 8 tracks will make you feel back home in the Frogacult nest.

You can expect a killer release from the guys in Denmark, a gem for the vintage party people and a bomb for every progressive psy lover.


1. Found but lost 
2. Waiting so long 
3. Night Breeder 
4. Mebo Circuit 
5. Con Filtro 
6. Sun Zoom Spark 
7. Pre Phase rmx 
8. Brickwall Limit