Freelander - Trimix (CD)


Freelander - Trimix (CD) Take the second dive with Freelander! Trimix is the new Soloalbum of the Austrian artist Freelander, whose musical background goes back to the 80s when he was bandmember of electronic act 'Rame' (one of the only electropop bands in Austria those days). His roots can be found in melodic synthiepop and electronic body music.

Two years after his Debutalbum 'Apnoe' Freelander dives again into the world of Melodic Morning Trance, developing new production skills, but keeping up his personal style by combining those poppy and retro electro elements, that makes him so distinctive.

Trimix is perfect for the late mornings at parties, a DJ-tool to bring back the girls to the dancefloor and also a nice soundcandy for at home.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: Oct. 2008/41

1. Tectron
2. Body Lotion
3. Early morning tea
4. Flipper
5. Stop and go
6. In Flames
7. Elastico
8. Lazy Submariner
9. Disco Crackers