Fredrik Ohr - Falling Through The Earth (CD)


Fredrik Ohr - Falling Through The Earth (CD) Psyshop invites you to take part in this wonderful musical journey.'Falling through the Earth' is the much awaited debut album from Stockholm based musician and producer Fredrik Ohr.
Fredrik has a long background in classical piano and as a song writer, and that is highly evident in the subtle complexity underlying his music. Fredrik's physical and intellectual journeys through Asia and Buddhism are also very well felt in his music.

'Falling through the Earth' offers a wonderful dreamy and fresh combination of North European atmospheres and textures interlaced with Asian influences, all dipped in 70s psychedelic delicate feel.

Fredrik's music has special warmth of instrumental and vocal work springing forth from sophisticated layers of electronic sounds, glitches and breaks creating an enchanting combination.


1. Shadows fly behind you 
2. A day for great deeds 
3. Eating Fog 
4. Enough Time 
5. Naaga 
6. Disorientation 
7. Message 
8. Airport Song 
9. Morning Ritualism 
10. Fell from the sky 
11. Interlocked 
12. Delgermaa 
13. Return 
14. Falling through the earth