Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit (CD)


Fragletrollet - Playground Of Spirit (CD) From the forests of Norway comes the epic tale of Magnus aka Fragletrollet. A non stop seamingless sonic voyage.

Deep into the realms of the enchanted Scandinavian lands..

Come and explore The playground of spirit and let the music speak for itself..
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/31

1. Human Alien - UNKNOWN CAUSE
2. Alien Human - FRAGLETROLLET
3. The forest spirit - FRAGLETROLLET
4. Beauty of duality - FRAGLETROLLET
5. Reptilian Regime - FRAGLETROLLET
6. Manik 11 - (Knights of the awakening)FRAGLETROLLET
7. Playground of spirit - FRAGLETROLLET