Forty Percent - Out Of The Blue (CD)


Forty Percent - Out Of The Blue (CD) Kundalini Records U.K. are proud to announce the release of the debut album from 40 Percent Out Of The Blue. Omi Harpaz, the man behind this exciting full on project, has been involved in the Trance World for almost ten years; having been a widely sucessful DJ, a producer as Digital Manta, and also as a collaborator in the well known ambient project: Shulman.
Omi has toured the world extensivly both as a DJ and as 40% live performance, and has accumulated a huge fanbase throughout many countries. His long awaited debut album promises to be a perfect example of his unique style; com- bining varied influences from Ethnic to Old School, from morning to night, all tracks skillfully crafted with his signature flawless production.

Well known for dancefloor impact from his many releases on various compila- tions such as 'Swift' and 'Rumbling Mutants', 'Out of the Blue' promises to define the Forty Percent sound even further, including many potential dance- floor hits such as a high octane remix of the Deedrah classic: 'Reload'.

Specifically made as an album to be listened to from the first track to the last, 'Out of the Blue' is a 75 minute audio excursion into the world of psychedelic soundscapes, packed full of original sounds and off beat humour.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/47

1. Dream Channel 
2. Swift (2008 Edit) 
3. Out Of The Blue 
4. Super sonic squirting squares 
5. Reload RMX 
6. Band Camp 
7. Falling Knights 
8. 40+60=100 
9. Voyage