Flowjob - Sway


Iboga Records presents the new Flowjob Album 'Sway'.Summer has just arrived on the northern hemisphere, and there is definitely no better time to release the new album by the Danish act Flowjob!
After 2 very successful albums on Iboga Records and countless releases on top labels like Tribal Vision Records, Echoes Records and Flow Records, Flowjob is now the solo project of Joakim Hjorne, and on the new album 'Sway' he is on his own continuing the Flowjob-tradition of sun-filled progressive trance grooves. That being said, 'Sway' is more diverse than ever. The tracks range from the house-inspired 'Pimp Your Hat' and 'Panic in Purple' and the blissful chill out grooves of 'So Many Dynamos' to several straight up banging party-bombs like 'Goas Ark' and 'Mercury Calling (More info for the U.F.O's)'. The theme is still the same though. It's positive, groovy and dance-friendly music with that special Flowjob-sound.


1. The return of Raveheart 
2. Mercury calling - (More Info from the U.F.Os) 
3. Goas Ark 
4. Behind the speaker 
5. Boomerangutang 
6. So many dynamos 
7. Pimp your hat 
8. Still waiting for the future 
9. Panic in purple 
10. Lightyear

Source: www.psyshop.com