Flooting Grooves - Psydeburns (CD)


Flooting Grooves - Psydeburns (CD) Peak Records has the infinite pleasure of presenting Psydeburns the much anticipated new album from gifted South-African flutist/producer Flooting Grooves.
The progressive follow-up to his much-acclaimed debut album, 'Psydeburns' is an aural voyage on the edge between programmed awareness and subtler realms. While maintaining an electronic approach, Flooting Grooves new album is still infused with a strong, organic, instrumental groove.

Moving forward like an ever morphing, pulsating biomass, 'Psydeburns' is an exploration of the dancefloor in its twilight space. A superb eight-fold psychedelic collection of desert spaces, alien scapes and hypnotic grooves, strongly influenced by the African forests.

Whether you're watching snowflakes spiraling down from the sky or lounging on a tropical beach, the new Flooting Grooves album is sure to get your blood flowing, tickle your sideburns and groove you up!

Sit back and enjoy!


1. Egypt2. Insectoid3. Naked dancers of Ra4. Kyrosmatik5. Sufisticated6. Psylence7. Earth calling Hawai8. Atrium

Source: www.psyshop.com