Float - Liquid (CD)


Float - Liquid (CD) Another edition of Iono's Private Room Sessions.This time presented by the serbian artist 'Float' which is an electronic music project created by Vladimir Mihajlovic since 2008. Over the years Vladimir has created his own unique style, made for enjoying and relaxation but also dancefloor oriented.
On his markable debut album 'Liquid' you will find deep basslines, constantly shifting abstract sfx, spiced with digitally modulated leads and glitches, melted into spacey pads and chilling dubby chords. Float merges techno, trance, house, dub, ambient and minimalistic influences into unique electronic fusion.

Anyhow, none of his tracks can be classified into one genre, it is always an interesting mixture of a few genres. Float is also a member of perspective artist organisation TesseracTstudio based in Serbia which gathers very talented musicians like Iono Artists Flegma and Nerso in domain of intelligent progressive psytrance music.

Iono proudly presents a mature piece of electronic music which will last for a longer time for sure.


1. Elusive Mirage 
2. Lotus 
3. Format 
4. Higher 
5. Basic Colour 
6. Those Old Tapes 
7. Evaporation 
8. F5A

Source: www.psyshop.com