Flexus - The Beginning


After a long time of maturation and transformation, the summer has signaled that the time has come, it was time for the cocoon to hatch from its shell. The first breaths of independence were crucial for the final tuning of the amorphous body, and now the process is complete. I did it my way.
This masterpiece is Flexus, aka Stefan Goeransson, first EP which is made exclusively by himself. Originated from the magical realms of Christiania, Denmark, Goeransson has transferred his personal unique touch into several pieces at Iono Music EP 'Smooth Vibrations' long with Time in Motion, and a compilation called 'Christiania Selection'.

It was a question of time before he released his own personal vision, and the warm strokes of the sun burst the greenhouse of creativity into this special 'Beginning'.

After the sun hit Flexus with its penetrating rays, it had to rest from the intensity and slowly climb down to Sunset boulevard. The procedure has begun and the groovy melodic atmosphere that carries it in the wind enables you to absorb 'The Beginning' of a new dawn. It can be felt in various layers around us, including the Magnetic Fields that electrifies us and gives us goose bumps. The excitement is diffusing into all your body parts and you will know that the summer has come, it is time to begin dancing!


1. Sunset 
2. The Begining 
3. Magnetic Field

Source: www.psyshop.com