Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion (CD)


Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion (CD) Dance n dust is proud to present Mission Emotion the new debut concept album by the upcoming master of groove Flame ON Fire. His new project, an exclusive, fat bass - lined groove creation is a delicious dish indeed!
Minimal touches and a funky bouquet combined with polished metallic cymbalwork make this album a unique experience for the fans of progressive tech-house and electronic - so just take a bite and let it melt in your mouth.

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Oct. 2008/42

1. Resthold Tail - Flame On Fire
2. A Reason A Key And Few Words - Flame On Fire
3. Feel Of The Drum - Flame On Fire
4. Helium - Flame On Fire
5. High Voltage Guitar - Flame On Fire
6. Distant Visitors - Flame On Fire
7. Night Vision - Flame On Fire
8. Science Is God - Flame On Fire
9. One Shot (Flame On Fire Rmx) - D-Nox And Beckers
10. Confused Heart - Flame On Fire

Source: www.psyshop.com