Fearsome Engine - Biting Point (CD)


Fearsome Engine - Biting Point (CD) A lot of excitement has been building about 'Fearsome Engine' over the last 2 years. The teaming up of two producers, Tristan and Laughing Buddha, both highly accomplished and widely respected artists, was always going to grab the attention of the trance massive. Adding to this, their legendary live performances at some of the biggest festivals on the planet have gone to prove that all the hype was for good reason.
Fearsome Engine now brings us their debut album, 'Biting Point'. Full power, no-holds- barred PsyTrance created for full mental dancefloor grinding! Be prepared.


1. Consciousness Conductors
2. Beyond Imagination
3. Silver Liner
4. Synaptic Surgery
5. Acid Head
6. Drugganaut
7. New Horizon
8. Crazy
9. Rocks To Rocketships

Source: www.psyshop.com